About us

For over 144 years hat and cap shop H.Witting & Zn. has been a household name in both the town and the province of Groningen. Nowadays hatlovers from all over the country and even from abroad visit regularly at this remarkable shop.

Established in an age-old characteristic building on oosterstraat 51 in the centre of the convivial University city of Groningen, H.Witting & Zn. radiates a courteous air. Not only the front of the hat shop is worth looking at, but the interior of the shop will also bear inspection.

While entering the shop, the old bell greets you in the exact same manner it welcomed customers more than one hundred years ago. Much of the old interior has been preserved: shelves stretching up to the ceiling, oak counters and a huge antique cashregister. The whole hatshop breathes history (and tradition).

Fortunately the hats and caps collection is totally up-to-date. Every season the most trendy headwear is delivered from all parts of the world. When you take a look in this splendid shop, it will give you an excellent impression of the large choice that H. Witting & Zn. has to offer. More than 144 years experience in the field of hats, caps and fashion accessories make H. Witting & Zn a dependable address.

A hat of Witting looks good on everyone.