Peccary leather gloves

The rarest and most luxurious leather in the world comes from the smallest species of the South American wild boar, the peccary. Peccaries are wild boars that are found primarily in Central and South America and southwestern North America and are most common in the Amazon.

The legal hunt for peccaries is strictly controlled by the CITES guidelines to ensure a healthy population of species and the natural balance of the ecosystem. In this context, it should be noted that the leather may only be sold as a by-product of sustainable hunting.

The animals live in the wild and are shot exclusively for consumption, which is particularly important to WITTING when purchasing leather. Scars on the skin caused by fighting and injuries are therefore not uncommon and reinforce the individual character of the leather. Another unmistakable distinguishing feature is the grain of the peccary leather, a pattern of three small pores sitting in a row.

The ideal glove leather

Peccary leather is perfect for gloves because it is hard-wearing and at the same time uniquely soft. The sense of touch and the mobility of the fingers remain. Peccary leather is characterized by a high level of suppleness and durability, and it also protects particularly well against the cold. At the same time, thanks to its dense structure, it also keeps you warm without lining.
Traditional craftsmanship
WITTING is one of the few brands in the world that uses peccary leather, because due to its special properties, processing can only be carried out by the most experienced glove makers who have many years of knowledge of traditional craftsmanship.After a strict quality control of the leather, the best leathers are made by a glove maker -Master edited to optimize the natural elasticity of the leather for the perfect fit. Then cut by hand,
The luxurious gloves are lined with the highest quality, fine cashmere, warming wool.

Manufacture work
A WITTING peccary glove is always sewn by hand with more than 100 production steps, up to 2,000 stitches.

An experienced seamstress needs about a day for a pair of gloves. The uniqueness of a glove made from Peccary

makes it a lifelong companion of the highes quality.

It is very unlikely that peccary leather will ever break with normal use, and it will only get softer over time.