balloon cap polar soft

SOFT POLAR SOFT FLEECE: The cuddly soft Polar Soft Fleece will surprise you – this women’s hat  from WITTING ® DUTCH HEADWEAR is wind and water repellent, defies all weather conditions and is still breathable. As soon as the membrane gets wet, it dries in no time.

HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: Compared to conventional, cheap fleece, this POLAR SOFT fleece cap is much more resistant and durable. Even after repeated use, the membrane does not fluff and stays in shape.

PERFECT STOP: There is a rubber band on the back of this balloon cap. This ensures a perfect fit on the one hand and a secure hold on the other. This makes this cap suitable for almost all face types.

PRACTICAL & STABLE: When this cap is no longer needed, it can be easily folded or rolled up and easily stored in the bag without affecting the shape. IDEAL ACCESSORIES: The simple balloon cap should not be missing this fall / winter season. The rich colors underline the value of this hat and make it an ideal accessory on cold days.